what makes us awesome

Since our start we've helped 100's of businesses and entrepreneurs by developing high-end bespoke custom app and web projects. We've 'dog fooded' our own services and revolutionised the app market by enabling over 30,000 Small Businesses create their own apps, without any coding or tech skills, using our in-house developed SaaS (Software as a Service) DIY App Builder platform.

So we're not just technologists, we're entrepreneurs at heart, with experience of growing ideas into multi-million-pound businesses. Our value-add is helping you navigate funding, idea validation and business planning, to scaling out and growing your business, underpinned by awesome technology.

To help you leverage our experience for your project we provide a full stack service, from concept Validation, Planning and Design, through to Development, Launch and Growth strategies. All perfectly monitored and delivered with our dedicated Project Management team.

Timeline of events

our core values


We're a technologically forward thinking company, we embrace change, welcome it and always look for the opportunity in every change we see happen; whether that be emerging technology, shifting markets or consumer behaviour patterns, we seek opportunities to give our customers competitive advantages and to further refine our business.


We're not happy with OK. We always aim to deliver WOW to our customers, whether that be with our value for money, intuitive software, or with great customer service.


To innovate we need to be a little crazy, think out of the box and be agile. Don't be afraid to fail - fail fast and learn quick, to find the best solutions for our customers and business.


We are all one big family; founders, employees, contractors, suppliers and customers. To be happy, we all need to be happy. Don't take yourself too seriously, have fun at work, play hard, work hard and spread the love to your family members.


Progress is important, procrastinate at peril, deliver deliver deliver.
We strive to deliver, make progress, go live and keep moving forward.