Unite your data & teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365

An intuitive, scalable CRM and ERP solution that optimises operations and improves decision making - from £32.90 per user per month

Discover the possibilities of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 can be used across all teams within your business.


  • Build up a detailed view of your customer with greater insights 
  • Create personalised team data dashboards to empower decision-making
  • Monitor and spot follow-up actions within the customer lifecycle 


  • Ensure communications across the marketing funnel are consistent & personalised
  • Use AI to direct inbound queries to the right team, first time 
  • Automate customer notifications to drive sales


  • Improve your team’s view of business opportunity and risk by viewing finances in real time
  • Use the end-to-end project management tool to maximise profitability  

Supply Chain

  • Use AI forecasting data to predict customer demand and improve real-time supply reaction 
  • Connect your teams with real-time supplier data  

Example use cases

Just some of the ways Dynamics 365 can be used on a daily basis.


Empower your sales teams with real-time, actionable insights and productivity tools


Simply unite data from across platforms to create personal dashboards with Microsoft's dataverse, part of Microsoft's Power Platform


Use AI-powered scheduling, sensor data intelligence and mixed reality tools to predict machine maintenance, automate work orders and optimise your stock or spare parts

How other businesses have benefited from Dynamics 365


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