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Dynamics 365 for customer service teams

Build preference and customer loyalty by exceeding customer expectations with Dynamics 365. The sophisticated system unites your customer and field service teams, while also adding detailed customer insights into the mix, so your business can identify and resolve the factors impacting customer satisfaction. And since the platform offers real-time data, you’ll be able to evolve with the needs of your customers.

Dynamics 365 Service at a glance

Connect with customers on their terms

Dynamics 365 gives you the insights and tools to identify and offer the support touchpoints that your customers prefer – whether that be live chat or WhatsApp.

Anticipate your customer needs

Your agents can leverage the power of AI to anticipate the needs of each of your customers, so they’ll never have to repeat their issues and the team may even be able to resolve their query before they’ve even asked for help.

Offer immediate resolutions

When a customer issue is identified, Microsoft Copilot will search for relevant solutions across trusted web pages and documents to give your agents a suggested resolution. Not only that, but the tool also lets you set up an AI-assisted self-service tool that’s personalised to each customer, reducing agent calls.

Learn from past interactions

The clever platform logs and learns from all past customer interactions to improve your customer service success rate. Smart assist will offer the team actionable insights while the dashboard gives the team a holistic view of each customer’s history.

How others offer excelled customer service with Dynamics 365 

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