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What is Power Platform?

From sales to finance, most of your teams have big ideas that they fail to share since they don’t have the right tools or skills to implement them. Microsoft Power Platform offers a suite of low-code apps that allow your employees to turn their ideas into reality, with no IT skills needed.  

By opening the platform up to your whole organisation, they’ll have the ability to create solutions to their own individual problems, as well as wider business issues, increasing overall efficiency. 

A suite of low-code apps

From innovating solutions to building chatbots or automating your projects, discover all the possibilities available across Power Platform’s suite of apps.

Power Apps

By using Power Apps as part of the Power Platform, anyone in your business can build apps at scale, automate their workflows and unite data sources from across the business.

Virtual Agents

Harness the power of AI to create no-code chatbots in conversation with customers and employees, while providing personalised attention to their needs.

Power Automate

The clue's in the name. Give your team access to automation across all your Power Platform projects so they can work smarter, not harder.

Power BI

PowerBI can collate real-time data from across the tools to give your team accurate data to inform their decision-making.

Why Microsoft Power Platform?


Drive innovative ideas

Since the tools require no IT experience, anyone across the business can build a solution to an operation challenge, sparking innovation across the organisation. 

Streamline workflow

Streamline workflows

By giving your employees the tools to solve challenges within the workflow, not only will you increase efficiency, but you’ll also enrich and upskill their day-to-day responsibilities.

Unites data

Connect all of your data

With over one thousand Power Platform connectors, you’ll be able to source data from across your business to create unified solutions. 


High-level security

You can have complete peace of mind that all your low-code solutions will be protected with enterprise-grade compliance as part of the Microsoft Cloud. 

Example use cases

Just some of the ways Power Platform can be used on a daily basis.


Unlock your team's ability to create business-boosting solutions


Create automated sequences, custom dashboards and visualisations to streamline processes and improve your results.


Expose your teams to the unique data available in PowerBI, empowering them to create and manage solutions using power apps, teams and Dynamics 365.

How other businesses have benefited from Power Platform


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