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Boost your sales with Dynamics 365

Build a pipeline and close sales faster with cohesive & tailored customer experiences

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Connect with your customers on a personal level with Dynamics 365. The platform uses Microsoft’s latest AI tool, Copilot, to connect and empower all customer-facing employees across your organisation. By connecting your brand, marketing and customer service teams, your customers will receive a consistent experience at every touchpoint. Plus, each team will have access to tailored, actionable insights that will help improve their productivity and performance in their role.  

Dynamics 365 Sales at a glance

Convert customers with a tailored experience

Thanks to Dynamics 365 and the power of AI, your team members can dive deeper into customer behaviour and segment target audiences to create truly personalised experiences. This allows you to build up a strong sales pipeline and convert sales quicker.

Resolve customer issues, faster

When a customer gets in contact with an issue, Microsoft’s Copilot will show your customer service agents resolution suggestions based on how the team have handled a similar case previously. So, your team can resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Strip out the mundane day-to-day tasks

Let your team focus on the strategy and creation while Microsoft Copilot handles the everyday tasks. The tool can craft personalised email responses, so no time is wasted over mundane jobs.  

Keep your teams on the same page

Dynamics 365 offers central customer profiles that hold all the information surrounding their interactions, so you can keep all your customer-facing teams on the same page. 

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