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Boost profitability and financial agility with Dynamics 365 

Build financial agility and resilience with Dynamics 365 

Dynamics 365 for finance

In today’s dynamic market, how quickly a business is able to adapt and innovate will determine its future success. Prevailing changes and advancements in technology have left businesses with no choice but to pick up the pace to remain competitive.

As your business adapts and evolves, a sophisticated solution like Dynamics 365 can help you prepare your financial models in order to respond and rise up in a disruptive ecosystem. By uniting real-time data from across the business and clever automations able to give accurate forecasts, finance teams will have the information to make better, informed decisions for the business.  

The possibilities of Dynamics 365

Maximise profitability and financial visibility

Offering a holistic view of real-time data across all business areas and locations, Dynamics 365 Finance gives teams an overall view of business health. In contrast, you can delve deep into the detail of gross margin, sales, revenue and expenses to make smarter financial decisions. AI-driven insights can also empower decision making, encouraging accurate projections of cashflow and customer payments, while helping reduce costs and optimise spending.  

Drive project service success 

With a birds-eye view of all business projects, you can ensure they are delivered on time and within budget. Within this single solution you’ll be able to improve contract management, generate accurate quotes, communicate sales hand-offs and manage resource utilisation – reducing costs and complexity.  

Transform your workforce  

As you scale, you can compare your organisational structure with your financial models to ensure you have the right skills in the correct roles, informing your recruitment plan. Plus, guided workflows and automation can optimise processes and employee productivity. And thanks to Dynamics 365 HR self-service tools, you can streamline workflows by letting teams manage sickness, holidays and other processes internally. 

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