AI and Copilot Updates Introduce a New Era For ERPs

The ever-increasing popularity of AI has had a great effect on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as AI now automates and enhances processes from planning to forecasting, transforming the way we work. 

An ERP system is generally the core of your business, centralising data from key departments such as finance, HR, purchasing, resourcing and supply chains. However, the traditional systems have struggled to keep up with ever-changing data and trends, with rigid processes within the ERP resulting in employees doing redundant work, such as manual data entry.

Copilot prevents this. Utilising generative AI throughout Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, so your team can focus on tasks that matter 

An overview of updates  

Microsoft recently announced that Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Fabric work with Dataverse and Microsoft’s BI tools to deliver actionable insights and reporting. This is the foundation that Microsoft’s new planning and analytics features will build upon, to help finance managers and business analysts spend less time collecting and analysing the data, and more time taking meaningful actions such as: 

  • Bringing data to life by describing the visuals and insights that they want to find. Copilot will then create a dashboard or report displaying this data, with visualisations, summaries and suggestions to refine it. They can then ask more questions about the data, to dig deeper. 
  • Collaboratively aligning plans, budgets and forecasts with business strategy. 
  • Streamlining sales and operations planning. 
  • Automating financial consolidation for seamless book closing. 
  • Strategically closing talent gaps 
  • Gaining a comprehensive view of cash flows 
  • Accessing highly accurate predictions through advanced predictive analytics, powered by machine learning and AI 

Streamlining project planning & management  

For project managers, Copilot can now help to improve efficiency, reduce risks and focus on strategic activities. Dynamics 365 Project Operations has had many AI updates that have reduced the amount of time spent on project status reports, task planning and risk assessments. Using Copilot, PMs can now quickly create new project plans, in minutes, just by describing the details of the project and just make final personalised tweaks to save time. They can then create project status reports in moments, eliminating the need to manually research and write each one. Copilot can also evaluate project risks and offer solutions to prevent these from occurring.  

Optimising finances & supply chain operations Dynamics 365 Finance updates offer finance teams quick access to credit and payment history so they can prioritise and personalise customer communication. This will increase collection rates and proactively keep customers in good standing.  

Say goodbye to supply chain disruption and slow responses to supply and demand with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. No more sorting through large volumes of purchase orders and reviewing orders one by one. 

With Copilot, teams can efficiently handle changes to purchase orders at scale, while easily assessing the impact and risk to inform improved decision making. They can also quickly identify changes and react to prevent serious risks. Using natural language, employees can easily ask Copilot to add relevant information into Outlook and Teams conversations, improving communication with both internal and external stakeholders.  

With Copilot, you can effectively use your ERP to stay ahead of the competition and assess any potential risks to success. To find out about how these ERP AI updates can help your business increase efficiency and resilience, get in touch to book your free demo.  


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