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At Microsoft’s October Business Applications Launch Event, they announced the second wave of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform updates, which include hundreds of new features. What’s especially exciting is the new and enhanced AI capabilities available with Microsoft Copilot that help to improve insights, save time and boost creativity.  

Overall, these updates will boost employee productivity, while also helping teams dive deeper into customer relationships to build out exceptional customer experiences and drive meaningful growth across a business.  

In this blog we’ll reveal the latest announcements from the event, including how AI now offers enhanced visibility, and the role new levels of automation will play in delivering a more collaborative and integrated business. 

Copilot to transform customer service and field service  

As the faces of your business, customer service and field service employees need access to detailed insights so they can react to and resolve customer queries quickly. New Copilot capabilities for Dynamics 365 will help your teams reduce time on everyday tasks, allowing them to focus on what’s important for your business. To boost productivity and optimise your operations, inbox functionality has also been improved, along with a redesigned voice experience, and enhanced collaboration through Microsoft Teams. 

A new era of resource planning  

For Dynamics 365 Finance, new AI functionality has improved planning and analysis for operations and finance teams so they can continuously plan, act and analyse. Plus, with all business data sat in a centralised location, your teams will always have a view of each department’s performance analytics. 

Empower better decision making  

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management has new updates in demand planning and procure-to-pay processes. Copilot can even assist purchasing teams with decision making by offering suggestions to new or updated data. Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland has improved its demand planning accuracy using these AI updates. Now, its store teams have the increased capacity to serve more customers, and through precise planning food requirements have reduced food waste.  

Delve deeper into target customers with new capabilities  

Copilot has unlocked a new wave of data and insight capabilities for Dynamics 365 Sales. Teams can now use data that was previously hidden to dive deeper into their customers and make more informed business decisions. The updates also help sales and marketing teams reach new levels of productivity and collaboration, allowing them to streamline their processes and come together to create more personalised customer experiences.  

Power Platform Updates 

The new wave of releases offers even easier AI-assisted low-code app development. This includes new capabilities for governance, administration and professional development.  

Thanks to the latest Copilot updates, the suite of tools have become more accessible to a broader range of employees across your departments, allowing everyone to create innovative solutions to business problems. Microsoft used, Suffolk, one of America’s biggest construction companies, as an example. They now use Power Automate to streamline critical material request processes, enabling their teams to build easy workflows just by describing what they need. Additionally, they used Power Apps to facilitate efficient coordination of construction status updates, and Power Virtual Agents to easily search industry resources for answers, saving time across the business.  

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