The best 8 business benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps

What is Microsoft Power Apps? 

Making business innovation easier than ever, Power Apps is a platform filled with apps, connectors, services and a data platform that allows your teams to build digital solutions to overcome workflow challenges. 

The best part? The low-code platform means anyone can simply create custom business apps, helping you improve your processes and data insights. 


The best 8 benefits of Power Apps 

Business Central is an all-in-one ERP system that helps you manage your finance, manufacturing, sales, customer service and more, from one place. By integrating with the software you already use, it’s able to offer a higher level of detail on a personalised basis, so everyone across the business is equipped with the right data to make better decisions.  

How is Dynamics 365 Business Central different to Dynamics 365 Sales? 

1. Empower innovation across your company

With no coding experience required, the app builder lets you choose from pre-built templates and drag and drop pre-built elements to create a customised, high-quality business solution. So, anyone can transform their ideas into an app that can positively impact the business. 

2. Enrich your employees’ development

Whether an employee has an idea that could improve their team’s productivity, or the whole department’s, the suite offers all the tools to help them create the perfect solution. Not only will this positively impact your business, but it’ll upskill and enrich the working lives of your ambitious employees. 

3. Increase your efficiencies & decrease costs

By encouraging your employees to use Power Apps to automate processes and overcome challenges within the workflow, the solutions will streamline everyday jobs, giving them more time back to focus on other priorities. Not only that, but the no-code interface doesn’t require IT experience, lowering the overall long-term cost to create high-end solutions. 

4. Allows you to work from anywhere

Any apps that are built will be mobile and tablet friendly. So, whether you need mobile solutions for sales staff to use on the shop floor, or you’re often working on the go, you’ll have access to your data from any device.


5. Seamless integrations

As part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 offering, Power Apps works with all other Microsoft tools, as well as other software that’s already implemented within your business. So, you’ll be able to source any data from your current systems to build your new solutions. 

6. Unlock the power of automation

Thanks to Power AI, you’re able to add automations to your apps in just a few clicks. From automatically saving email attachments to the relevant client folder to automating notifications within an approval process, there are plenty of ways you’ll be able to use AI improve your business outcomes. 

7. Give developers the tools to extend platforms

Just like anyone else in the business, your developers will benefit from the platform too. Since it integrates with other tools, they’ll be able to import and add code components to any of the canvas templates to enhance user experiences.  

8. Improves your business performance

The biggest benefit of them all is that Power Apps will boost your overall business performance. With solutions created across the organisation to streamline your processes and improve your business outcomes, you’ll start to see both your sales and efficiencies increase – which you’ll be able to track from your personalised dashboard. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

How we can help…

We work with over one hundred Microsoft partners to help businesses like you find the perfect Microsoft tech stack for their business. We can match you to an expert that specialises in the technology and your industry. With a high understanding of your business troubles and growth journey, they’ll be best suited to advise and implement the right tools for your company. Interested? Get in touch to find your match.

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